New podcast w/Timothy Goodman, Cave exploration, & more
New podcast w/Christopher Bollen, revising my Seven Deadlies, I (Aeon) Flux Myself & more
This one's got a new podcast w/Dean Haspiel about COVID Cop, thoughts on Kerouac, my old Hyundai Excel, and entering Providence, some links & more
This one's got a new podcast w/Willard Spiegelman about Amy Clampitt, the benefits and back-strains of reconfiguring your space, plenty of links, a…
This one's got a new podcast w/Matt Ruff, some sad news, a passel of links, one loose drawing + one more pushup, the ruins of a castle & more
This one's got a new podcast w/James McMullan, finding my tribe, a bunch of links, the re-stirring of art, a neck stand & more
New podcast w/Paul B. Rainey, Fool on The Hill, lots of links, unshareable art, & more
New podcast w/Thomas Woodruff, anxious poems and apotropaic acts, lots of links, a moment of art, & more
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