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omg this:

All this AI wackiness — images, text — reminds me of the time a work-pal called to congratulate me when I turned 50, but I didn't have his contact in my phone & I happened to be putting in my AirPods just in the moment he introduced himself, so I missed it.

But he talked for another minute, & I thought it would be rude to ask, "Who is this, again?", so instead I FAKED IT. I made innocuous, witty conversation w/ someone FOR THIRTY MINUTES without letting on that I didn't know who I was talking to, even though he knew me personally.

The area code meant he was from Toronto, and he knew me from my day job, so I took it from there. Around that 30-min. mark, I finally figured out who it was (his phone # was in my secondary Gmail), & mentioned his name once, in case he DID suspect I didn't know who I was talking to.

When the call ended, I felt like I'd passed a reverse-Turing test, and that I'm going to be The Worst when dementia starts setting in, because I will ride this fake persona over a cliff before I let on that I'm falling apart.

What I'm saying is, ChatGPT has a long way to go before it can fake humanity as well as I can.

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